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Appleseed Mexico Foundation


The Appleseed Mexico Foundation is a non-profit organization oriented to build a social system where access to justice is equitable and universal, its citizens have the same opportunities and power is exercised in favor of the public interest. The Foundation offer free legal services to Civil Society Organizations, as well as sectors and social issues that represent a collective interest, with the sole purpose of achieving the greatest common good.

The Foundation believes that one way to achieve long-term results is to work in the search for systemic change on issues of high social impact, through legal research that offers recommendations and changes in public policy to achieve the greatest common good. Appleseed’s work is possible thanks to the pro bono work of the lawyers that make up the Pro Bono Mexico Network. Also, they are part of a network of 18 centers in the United States and Mexico in which the social problems of the communities are addressed to find practical and lasting solutions.


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