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We consider sustainability to be both a guide and a commitment of our organization. Our understanding of sustainability is the ability to meet our current needs without compromising the availability of resources for future generations

In Sámano Abogados we have adopted the concept of sustainability beyond its legal implications. We have incorporated it into our values and convictions as a guiding principle of our actions and our way of thinking.

We make sure that we stay up to date and fully informed of the different sustainability regulations applicable to our clients, as well as the incentives they may benefit from by making those commitments. We join the daily work of millions of people around the world to leave a sustainable Environmental footprint, taking daily actions in support of the environment such as:

  • Recycling paper.

  • Favoring the use of electronic files over physical files.

  • Taking measures to decrease energy consumption, turning off cubicles and meeting room lights when they are not in use.

  • Buying recycled products.

  • Reducing paper consumption in files, printing, and photocopying.

  • Organizing work and messenger routes in order to decrease as much as possible the use of the automobile and the loss of work time.

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