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EXPO Ingenuity, Inventions and Business in Mexico [28/02/2012].

From February 28 until March 1, 2012 the First Expo Ingenuity, Inventions and Business in Mexico will take place in the Bancomer Santa Fe Convention Center. This event is organized by IMPI, together with Conacyt, SE and Fumec, and its purpose is to promote the “effective connecting of buyers and suppliers of technology”. WIPO, ANUIES and ADIAT are participating. One of the objectives of the Expo is to achieve a greater number of registrations of patents in Mexico, through the development of a system based on the contact between the researcher/inventor and the entrepreneur/marketer.

It should be mentioned that in the ranking of new patents granted by the industrial property organizations of each member of the OECD, our country is in one of the last places. This is a clear sign of the lack of incentives, both economic and regulatory, as well as the lack of a culture that promotes invention and technology development in Mexico.

The Expo is designed to be the first step in the process of contact and sharing between researchers and entrepreneurs, by proposing a space for debate and feedback between the investment and its technology development alternatives.

It promises to be an attractive forum for legal professional interested in intellectual property matters.

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