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Intellectual Property. Intellectual Property. National Franchises Program. [02/01/2012]

Due to the dynamics of the sector, which in 2012 is expected to grow 7.6%, the budget will also increase for aid granted by the Ministry of Economy through the National Franchises Program (PNF for its initials in Spanish), which has been in force for five years and in which period has delivered almost 700 million pesos. For this year almost 153 million for 1083 existing franchises and 448 newly created is expected, which is expected to generate more than 2200 new jobs.

The National Franchises Program has contributed to the survival of these businesses beyond the term of 5 years necessary for their positioning, as well as the establishment of 712 new franchises, the opening of 1923 points of sale, and the accrediting of 435 business models, altogether adding up to more than 14 thousand jobs.

The Franchises Sector represents 6% of GDP in Mexico and it is responsible for more than 600 thousand direct and indirect Jobs, according to the Mexican Franchises Association. Regarding the market value, Mexico occupies fifth place globally, after the United States, Brazil, Canada and France.

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