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Rafael Sámano


Administrative, financial and business development law. Litigation in administrative, commercial and amparo courts.


He was Legal Director of the Economic Deregulation Unit (now COFEMER) of the Ministry of Economy, where he participated in the design and implementation of the Federal Competition Law and the reforms to the Regulatory Law of the Public Service of Electricity, to the National Water Law and the Federal Consumer Protection Law, among forty other laws and regulations. Afterward he was the Adviser of the Executive Secretary of the Federal Antitrust Commission. Subsequently, he was an adviser to the Executive Secretary of the Federal Competition Commission. He lived in New York for several years during which time he worked as an Associate in the mergers and acquisitions area in the investment banks Bear Stearns & Co., and Merrill Lynch.

He participated in the IPO of TV Azteca, bond issuance of Unefon, design of Azteca Holdings, IPO of Banco Río (Argentina), and sale of Banco BHIF (Chile), among other operations. Since 2001, he has been Managing Partner of Sámano Abogados, S.C., where he has been dedicated to legally maintaining and supporting the corporate development of the business models of different companies in the fields of health, information technology, telecommunications, construction, toys and manufacturing, among others.


  • Bachelor of Law Degree. Escuela Libre de Derecho, 1992, Mexico City, Honorary Mention in Professional Exam.

  • Master of International Affairs, 1997, New York, Concentration in International Finance and Financial Institutions. School of International Public Affairs (SIPA) and Business School (CBS) – Columbia University (CU).

  • Master of Public Policy and Administration, 1996, New York, Concentration in Economics. SIPA and CBS. CU.


  • Lead Professor of the Foreign Trade and Insurance and Bonds courses. Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, UNAM (2003-2006). Mexico City.

  • Assistant to Prof. Kenneth Kuttner, Columbia Business School, 1996. New York.

  • Adjunct Professor of Economic Law. Universidad Iberoamericana, 1994. Mexico City.

  • Adjunct Professor of Constitutional Law. Escuela Libre de Derecho, 1992. Mexico City.

  • Member of the National Association of Corporate Lawyers (Asociación Nacional de Abogados de Empresa, Colegio de Abogados, A.C.) (ANADE) since 2013.

  • Member of the International Bar Association (IBA) since 2012.

  • Member of the Mexican American Bar Association (MABA) since 2012.


  • “The Mexican Financial Crisis: a Case Study”, Columbia Business School, Monetary Theory Case Study B8351, by Keneth Kuttner and Rafael Sámano.

  • “La Nueva Legislación Económica en México”, in “El Derecho Económico en México”, Mexico: Porrúa, 1993.


  • English.

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