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Government purchases of goods and services

This area of our firm is oriented toward providing comprehensive advice to companies that, by providing their services or offering their goods, actively participate in regulated processes of government procurement, whether federal, state or municipal. In this regard our services include:

  • Interpretation, study and application of regulatory provisions, both federal and state, to acquisitions, leases and contracting of goods and services to design, structure and document the content and scope of the legal-administrative acts necessary to formalize the relationship.

  • Advice in the development of the procedures by which the inviting agency contracts the goods and services with the private sector (public bid, restricted invitation and/or direct award).

  • Advice on the structure, nature and scope of the legal instruments derived from the government procurement procedures, such as the bid terms and conditions, the administrative contracts and the adjudications awards, among others.

  • Collection and presentation of the documentation, proposals and positions in the government contracting procedures, and follow up with the administrative and substantive areas involved in the determination of the requirement for goods or services.

  • Help and support in the processes of design, structuring and negotiation of Services Provision Projects and the respective Services Provision Projects contracts.

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