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We provide legal advice and support to our clients regarding the different agencies involved in health matters, at the federal level such as the Ministry of Health (SS) and the Federal Commission for the Protection from Health Risks (COFEPRIS); and at the state level such as the state Ministries of Health, State Health Protection Systems (REPPs) and the mixed health infrastructure investment commissions. We have comprehensive services that cover:

  • Planning and implementation of tailor-made solutions.

  • Attention and follow up on compliance with regulatory obligations.

  • Design, negotiation and drafting of administrative contracts related to health, for both services provision and sale of products.

  • Presentation of filings with COFEPRIS and other administrative agencies like the control of health establishments.

  • Advice to obtaining sanitary notices, permits and/or licenses for the operation of their establishments, such as operating notices, sanitary officer notices, sanitary licenses of establishments of health supplies, and for the use of pesticides, plant nutrients and toxic and hazardous substances.

  • Follow up and handling of sanitary inspections and visits.

  • Sanitary control of products and services.

  • Preparation and assistance to our clients in obtaining: sanitary registrations of allopathic medicines, vaccines and blood derivatives; sanitary registrations of medicines and medical devices manufactured domestically and abroad.

  • Compliance with applicable Official Mexican Standards and other health regulations and provisions.

  • Sanitary control of the processing, use, maintenance and import of supplies, devices and medical equipment.

  • Advice to our clients for the proper observance of provisions applicable to the sanitary regulation for the process of manufacturing, conditioning and storage, import and export of medical products and devices and providing of services.

  • Obtaining sanitary permits and control of the advertising of products and services related to health.

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