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In this area of practice, we provide specialized advice to companies regarding anticorruption; as well as for the design and implementation of Business Integrity Programs, that allows them to comply with the dispositions of the National Anticorruption System, and specifically in the prevention for the commission of conducts against the General Law of Administrative Responsibilities.

Among the normative bodies related to the fight against corruption are:

  • Laws applicable to the National Anticorruption System, among which is highlighted the General Law of Administrative Responsibilities in force as of July 18, 2017, previously referred.

  • The Federal Law for the Prevention and Identification of Operations with Resources of Unlawful Origin and its regulation.

  • The "Foreign Corrupt Practices Act" (FCPA).

  • UK Antibribery Act.

  • International Treaties.

  • The United Nations Convention against Corruption.


In this regard our services cover:

  • Development of due diligence, projects, or legal audit, on the procedures, guidelines, controls, practices and policies of companies to comply with the legal provisions stated above.

  • Design and implementation of the Business Integrity Programs.

  • Training of the areas in charge of the compliance in the companies in anticorruption matters.

  • Anticorruption advice to companies that participate in proceedings of government procurement.

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