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Foreign investments

Commonly, this practice is associated with the shareholding composition of the companies or the intention of domestic and foreign groups that need legal support for the design and documentation of their business relations, both commercial and operative. We have broad experience in:

  • Regulatory Obligations.- We advise our clients for compliance with obligations under the Foreign Investment Law and its regulation. We indicate what activities are restricted regarding foreign investment or reserved for Mexicans or, if the activity has any specific regulation or requires approval of the National Foreign Investment Commission (CNIE for its initials in Spanish) or registration in the National Foreign Investment Registry (RNIE for its initials in Spanish).

  • We have experience in preparing the foreign investment strategy in the corporate sphere, depending on the activities of the company, as well as in obtaining the necessary authorizations for the operations of businesses before the CNIE.

  • We advise and structure neutral investment systems in restricted sectors to facilitate foreign investment in the capital stock of Mexican companies or authorized trusts.

  • We provide foreign companies that want to conduct activities in Mexico advice and management for obtaining the necessary authorizations from the regulatory bodies (CNIE, RNIE, Ministry of Economy and Public Registries of Commerce, among others).

  • We also have experience in giving all the notices, annual renewals and quarterly reports required by the applicable Regulation.

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