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Company Law

We collaborate with companies to keep their corporate matters for their proper operation and functioning and so that there is an adequate relationship between their partners or shareholders. Our legal services have the following scope:

  • Attention to and follow up on the development processes of all kinds of companies, and the drafting and amending of the corporate bylaws, shareholder or partner meeting minutes, records of the corporate book entries and the preparation and maintenance of the legally required corporate books.

  • Support in the corporate control and archiving processes.

  • Help and support in the drafting and maintenance of the corporate sheets of the companies,which contain the primary data of each company for prompt access to its information: shareholdings, capital stock, board of directors, domicile, meetings and powers.

  • Corporate updating of the companies that require it: drafting of the documentary support for the uninterrupted performance of the corporate life of the company, such as the accounting unification of the capital structure (fixed and variable), the preparation or substitution of stock certificates, the stock transfer agreements, the recording of dividends, the changes in the administrative and control bodies, and the granting and revocation of powers.

  • Help and support in the preparation and maintenance of a catalog of powers, which contains the updated registration of powers of attorney, scope of their authority and registration in the commercial registry.

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