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Mergers and Acquisitions

We provide comprehensive advice to companies that seek to capitalize on business opportunities through co-investments, strategic alliances or other corporate agreements or restructure their businesses, either financially or corporately.

We design, structure and implement investment vehicles for starting up new businesses, alliances, consortiums, co-investments and similar concepts, and for the restructuring of capital, of partners or shareholders and of corporate governance. We have broad experience in:

  • Definition of shareholdings or of capital, of the administrative and oversight bodies, increases and decreases of capital, creation, transformation, merger, spin-off and liquidation of companies, acquisition and sale of businesses and holdings.

  • Design of the optimum structure in terms of legal certainty, operative efficiency, tax planning and adequate accounting of each transaction.

  • Drafting, negotiation and execution of the supporting, corporate and contractual documents that formalize the structure, including the contracts, agreements, covenants between shareholders, shareholder meeting minutes, board meeting minutes, trusts and supporting legal actions.

  • Drafting, negotiation and execution of the documents that formalize the financial and capital restructuring, the distribution agreements and establishment of corporate and economic rights of the shares, as well as those relative to minority rights, dispute resolution and characteristics of corporate governance.

  • Legal follow-up on the structure, modifications, amendments and resolutions adopted.

  • Drafting of working documents, opinions and consultations.

  • Transactional support of an operation from its planning to its closing.

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