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Ezra Ashkenazi


Corporate and corporate law, real estate, and financial law.


Ezra has more than 10 years of experience advising both national and foreign clients in all kinds of sectors and industries in the practice of corporate, contractual, and commercial law, as well as in mergers and acquisitions, real estate and private equity, among others.

From 2013 to 2017 Ezra collaborated as associate in the law firm Creel, García-Cuellar, Aiza and Enriquez, S.C. advising both national and foreign clients in sundry corporate and commercial law matters in all kinds of sectors and variety of industries; including major M&A transactions, joint ventures, corporate restructurings and regularizations, private equity and venture capital, divestments, splits, dissolutions and liquidations of all kind commercial companies as well as advice on the incorporation and operation under the Mexican laws of all kinds of commercial companies and the preparation, review and negotiation of all kinds of contracts and trusts, including government and notarial procedures, among others.

Likewise, between 2017 and 2022, Ezra worked as In-house counsel for Zurich Insurance Company and Sanofi-Aventis, important companies in the insurance and pharmaceutical sectors, advising them in the negotiation and closing of important merger and acquisition transactions, divestments, corporate restructuring, real estate
operations, launch and withdrawal of products, as well as the negotiation of important local and cross-border agreements with companies of their same corporate group, as well as with Mexican government, pharmacies and other pharmaceutical companies, retailers and wholesalers, distributors, joint ventures, manufacturers,
licensing agreements for innovative products, clinical trials, supply chain, among others.

Ezra joined Sámano Abogados, S.C. in April 2022, to strengthen our team in the M&A,
Corporate & Commercial Law area, specifically dedicated to the performance of due
diligence and corporate updates, drafting, reviewing and negotiation of all kinds of
simple and complex agreements and structuring and closing of all kinds of corporate
transactions in general, among others.
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  • Bachelor of Law Degree. Iberoamericana University, 2015, Mexico City.


  • English

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