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Luz Maria Tamés Peña


Corporate and company law, Immigration Law, Non-Profit Organizations.


Luz María has more than twenty five years of experience in the practice of corporate law, merger & acquisitions, trust, immigration law, and non-profit organizations. She worked in Bufete García Ruíz, S.C., García Naranjo y Cantú, S.C., Cantú Reus Abogados, S.C. y Cantú, Ramírez y Puga, S.C., law firms, where she worked in corporate matters; mergers, divisions, dissolutions and liquidations of companies; industrial property and copyrights; public placement of stocks, SWAP operations, and incorporation and management of non-profit organizations, among others.

Likewise, she worked at Notary Public 30 of Mexico City and at the Finance and Public Credit Ministry.

Luz María joined Sámano Abogados, S.C. on October 16, 2018, to strengthen our team in the Corporate Law area, focusing on doing due diligence and corporate updates, drafting and reviewing of contracts and in general corporate matters.


  • Bachelor of Law Degree. Pan-American University (Universidad Panamericana), 1992, Mexico City. Honorary Mention in Professional Exam.

  • Specialization in Finance and Commercial International Law. Pan-American University (Universidad Panamericana), 1994, Mexico City.

  • Diploma in Arbitration Law. Escuela Libre de Derecho and Mexican Chapter of the International Chamber of Commerce (“ICC”), 1996, Mexico City.

  • Seminar: Incoterms 2000. Mexican Chapter of the International Chamber of Commerce (“ICC”), 2000, Mexico City.

  • Seminar: Electronic Commerce: Legal Aspects. Mexican Chapter of the International Chamber of Commerce (“ICC”), 2000, Mexico City.

  • Seminar: Integral Vision of the Midstream Aperture (Transportation, Storage and Distribution of Hydrocarbons) and the Gasoline Sector, 2016, Mexico City.

  • Doctor´s Degree. Pan-American University (Universidad Panamericana), 2013, Mexico City. Honorary Mention in Professional Exam.


Recognition of the 2019 Pro Bono Trajectory and Winner of the Robert Herzstein Medal awarded by the Fundación Appleseed México, A.C. for more than 25 years of outstanding pro bono work in legal strengthening for non profit organizations.


  • Author of: “The Regulation of the Executive Committee in Business Corporation of Variable Capital”.


  • Professor of Commercial Companies at Pan-American University (Universidad Panamericana), Law School, 2013, Mexico City.

  • Professor of Commercial Law and Introduction to the Study of Law at Pan-American University (Universidad Panamericana), at School of Economics and Business (“ECCE”), 2000 to the date.

  • Professor of Legal Framework of Innovation and Monetization Innovation as a Corporate Strategy, Faculty of Engineering, Pan-American University (Universidad Panamericana), 2000 to the date.


  • English

  • French

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